March 2019

In my latest installment for The New York Times’ Smarter Living section, I took on the topic of procrastination and sought to answer why we ALL knowingly engage in a behavior that makes us feel so bad. In my research, I really wanted to get to the emotional heart of the matter: how is it that we knowingly, self-awarely harm ourselves in this way — and why? A few days after the article published, I was thrilled to share some of my favorite insights about procrastination for a segment on CBS This Morning. Watch the clip here!

August 2018

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Ever since I was an adolescent, I was interested in mental health and the question of emotional freedom — namely, how do we free ourselves from behaviors make us feel emotionally unwell? Without even thinking about it, I found myself working in the health and wellness space, often writing my own articles about mental health, and working as a copywriter and consultant for health and wellness companies, many of which promulgate mental health as a value, or even part of their mission statement. In recent years, especially, I've felt personally racked with anxiety about the pressure of maintaining healthy habits. Our world is so obsessed with health that we're willing to no longer feel well when pursuing the elusive goal of wellness. The irony is crazy to me!

I finally wrote something about all this — live now on The Harvard Business ReviewThanks for bearing with my infrequent updates...I know you're on the edges of your seats! 

November 2017

Screengrab via   JSTOR Daily   .  Original image courtesy of iStock.

Screengrab via JSTOR Daily. Original image courtesy of iStock.

I have long been obsessed with debunking the idea of authenticity. Everyone is obsessed with the word "authentic," and it seems the zeitgeist becomes increasingly obsessed as our worlds become more and more digitized and curated. The interplay between our culture of convenience and the coexistent culture of nostalgia is bizarre across the board — charming sometimes (farm-to-table bistros), and quite insidious other times ("Make America Great Again"). I am proud to share a semi-political essay I wrote for JSTOR Daily, an awesome online mag that explores contemporary culture using the amazing scholarly repository that is JSTOR.

June 2017
This year, I was honored to become a columnist for The Garrison Institute, whose mission is to demonstrate the importance of contemplative practices in our world today. My "beat" is technology and intimacy, exploring the nexus of mindfulness and everyday emotions. My most recent column, "Anxious to Connect," examined the knot of complicated emotions many of us tend to feel when using social media, the most central of which (at least for me) is anxiety. As I write more and more columns, I am realizing that the voice and tone of my column is serving as a kind of prototype for a book idea. More soon!

March 2017
I was so grateful to be featured as one of four contributors writing personal narratives for's International Women's Day campaign, #WhatIWishISaid. The aim of the series was to showcase that, even in 2017, sexism still exists — in small, medium and large ways. It's systemically engrained in our culture and cultures across the globe. Just because we now live in a world where women can be CEOs or presidential candidates does not mean that we live in a world of gender equality, and we need to continue to resist, cultivate solidarity and share our stories in order to do so.

My story tells readers about an instance of "large-scale" sexism that I experienced, but one that appeared smaller in scale to me at the time because of my own cultural conditioning. Trigger Warning: There are issues related to consent abuse and sexual assault. But I believe it is a nuanced account of an experience too many women have experienced. Check it out here!

This is a screenshot from Marie Claire's #WhatIWishISaid video, chronicling verbal accounts from an array of women. Screengrab via

This is a screenshot from Marie Claire's #WhatIWishISaid video, chronicling verbal accounts from an array of women. Screengrab via

October 2016
I was honored to be interviewed by Ronan Farrow for his TODAY SHOW series Campus Undercovered — on an episode covering "academic doping," AKA Adderall misuse, abuse and over-use by college students. The interview was catalyzed by my article "Ivy League Addiction" in the September 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan. I look forward to doing more speaking on campuses and other public venues to educate more students, parents, administrators and others on the dangerous ramifications of this nation-wide epidemic.

Screengrab via

Screengrab via

August 2016
My piece "Ivy League Addiction" has hit the newsstands in the September 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan mag. The story is an intimate essay about my experience with the prescription stimulant Adderall at Harvard, and is also a self-reflective piece of cultural criticism about our drive toward perfectionism as a way of feeling like we're "enough." It's finally online, so please share and check it out! <3

Imagery styling by Jeffrey Westbrook

Imagery styling by Jeffrey Westbrook

June 2016
A lot has happened since October. I have been juggling an array of consulting and editing projects, which has, of course, put my creative work a little bit more on the back burner. "Namaste" as they say. I have been doing branding and strategy work for a soon-to-be launched holistic skincare line and have since threw out all my beauty products with parabens, sulfates ETC. The next step AFTER quitting cigarettes, I guess? I have been editing manuscripts for a diverse array of authors, and have been working on a book proposal of my own. More TK on that. I am also finishing up final edits for my feature on my Adderall addiction and misuse of Adderall more generally among millennials. A bit scared for that to be revealed to the world — but hey, vulnerability is strength. Or something.

October 2015
I wanted to let you all know that I'm leading a healing workshop called "How To Speak Your Sexual Truth" at the beautiful urban sanctuary Awakening NY on  NOVEMBER 6 at 7:30 PM. The price is $40

Here are the details all below, and the event description:
November 6, 2013
Awakening NY at 605 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint (off the Nassau G or Bedford L)
7.30 PM

Even the most politically aware and sexually empowered people have said “yes” when they meant “no.” I know I have been there. We are all human, and setting boundaries for ourselves and our bodies is scary – in the context of sex, friendship, work and beyond. This workshop will ask the question, “How do we come home – how do we heal – when we dishonor what we want?”

We will begin with a breath-work and chakra cleansing ritual and then move into group discussions, guided meditations, writing exercises and visualizations. The only "goal" is to create a space of permission and support. Together, we can practice honoring ourselves and our bodies. We can speak our truth, sexually and beyond.

June 2015
Last summer, I was honored to connect with Rachel Kauder-Nalebuff and Alexandra Brodsky, editors of groundbreaking anthology The Feminist Utopia Project, published by The Feminist Press.  The collection invited its contributors to consider what it might be like to exist in a truly feminist world, and will ask the same of its readers. I am lucky to have a short essay and several poems published in the collection, along with other amazing feminist voices like Janet Mock, Sheila Heti and Mia McKenzie.

Even more exciting is that the book is available for pre-order now! Click here to do so. 

Screengrab via    The Feminist Press

Screengrab via The Feminist Press

April 2015
I will be leading a workshop at Awakening NY, an urban sanctuary and healing center in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The title of the workshop will be "What Is Self-Love, Anyway?" and it will be taking place on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 3 PM. More details to come! 

Imagery designed by    Meredith Edwards   .

Imagery designed by Meredith Edwards.