Photo by  Hailey Wist .

Photo by Hailey Wist.

Charlotte Lieberman is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and digital content consultant. As a writer, Charlotte's work often concerns mental health and meditation, millennial culture, business and technology, and feminism. Charlotte is a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan and The Harvard Business Reviewand has had work featured in, Elle.comRefinery29, ATTN,  BOMB, and JSTOR Daily, among other publications. She is a columnist for The Garrison Institute, writing on the nexus of mindfulness and everyday life. Charlotte's poetry has been published by The Boston Review, The Colorado Review, The Harvard Advocate, Free Verse, Nat.Brut, and is forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly. Charlotte received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University, where she majored in English and lived in a vegetarian co-op.



Charlotte also works as a freelance marketer, content consultant, and copywriter—particularly for health and wellness companies. Services include: UX copywriting; content partnerships and syndication; digital marketing; SEO, and audience development. 


If you want to learn more about Charlotte and/or her work, please take a look at her CV, or get in touch directly.